Buckhurst Hill Money Advice Service


BHMAS is a local service that aims to help those who have got into debt. We are manned by a team of trained volunteers who can help you sort through your debts.
BHMAS is a personal service available free-of-charge to try to bring order where there's chaos. This can only work by co-operation so we would start by coming to an agreement over sharing the facts of the case and ensuring that there is a will to make changes to bring about a resolution. We are here to help, not to judge. We are also here to help you sort out your situation.

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There are many pressures on present day finances that lead into debt and we can far too easily find ourselves trapped in circumstances beyond our control and this can be daunting. It could be that we acquire a physical injury that prevents us working just whenwe have taken out a mortgage on a new house. Or we may have a dependant relative that we care for and they needed funds for medical treatment that we have under-written and now require repayment. Or it could just be that we have been living beyond our means and found that crossing our fingers was not enough! Or we may have lost a job and found we could not afford what we once could!


If you feel this is you then contact us on 020 8505 0022 or email us here. Please leave the phone number you would like to be contacted back on. We will try and get back to you within 24 hours

In short we are:

A confidential advice service for individuals/couples
Trained in Income/Expenditure analysis
Accredited by Community Money Advice.
Trained and recognised to negotiate with creditors on repayment plans
Free of Charge.